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Lobbying Services
Political Strategy and Planning

Widely-respected clients for years have sought Richard Goodstein's views on political strategy and on the best ways to mount a successful legislative and regulatory campaign. Clients often seek out his advice when they know they have a major issue, and think they have a good case to make, but are not sure how best to advance their position. Mr. Goodstein can call on experience built over three decades.

Mr. Goodstein has been involved in political campaigns for over 30 years, and beginning 10 years ago became a highly sought-after guest on cable news networks, as a political analyst.  He brings this political know-how to bear for clients on a daily basis.

Mr. Goodstein has worked closely with corporate political action committees for decades, advising them how best to grow, and how best to use their resources.

Mr. Goodstein's background — in law, government relations, politics, and media relations — enables clients to develop comprehensive approaches to their issues. The key to satisfactorily resolving what appears to be just a congressional issue may be timely outreach to the media, or to a major environmental group, or to state officials. Mr. Goodstein has the judgment and experience to allow the client to pursue its objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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