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Lobbying Services
Direct Lobbying and Advocacy

Goodstein & Associates is able to work with clients in arranging critical meetings on Capitol Hill and throughout Executive Branch agencies. But the firm is no mere door opener. It will develop command of the client's issues, prepare the one-pagers and talking points necessary to help the client make a strong case, and follow up as necessary with the targets of the advocacy efforts.

Richard Goodstein has delivered congressional testimony before both the United States Senate and House of Representatives on behalf of clients whose expertise in a particular area was sought by key committees. He has also drafted congressional testimony for clients asked to participate in hearings.

Clients have also asked Mr. Goodstein to prepare and deliver comments before regulatory agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, and the Food and Drug Administration.

Mr. Goodstein routinely advises clients on how best to make their case before Congress, whether in dealing with a veteran Member of the Senate, or the most junior House staffer. This advice can be the key to successful advocacy, and gives clients a sense of comfort as they venture into unfamiliar territory.


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