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Lobbying Services
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Goodstein & Associates provides a full range of legislative, regulatory, and political advocacy, tailored to meet a client's needs. Services include the following:

  • Direct Lobbying and Advocacy: Clients receive the benefit of personal engagement with Members of Congress and staff and with political appointees and career staff throughout the Executive Branch. Learn more about Direct Lobbying and Advocacy>

  • Political Strategy and Planning: As organizations try to develop strategies for success with a Democratic-controlled Congress, Richard Goodstein has been able to call on his years of experience, both as a congressional staffer but mainly as a successful advocate before Congress, in developing comprehensive and innovative strategies for winning. Having run a large Washington office for a nationally-known company with a high-profile CEO, Mr. Goodstein knows what clients expect and deserve. Learn more about Political Strategy and Planning>

  • Organizing Coalitions: As Washington sees more and more individual interests clamoring for attention, the key for many clients is the development of powerful coalitions, reaching out to allies with parallel interests. Mr. Goodstein has created and steered a wide variety of coalitions toward successful conclusions. Learn more about Organizing Coalitions>

  • Monitoring, Reporting, and Analysis: Clients often make business decisions based on what they learn is happening in Washington. Monitoring of developments on the legislative or regulatory front, analysis of the content and meaning of bill language, and reporting on the status of activity can be extremely valuable to a client not inclined to lobby an issue on their own. Learn more about Monitoring, Reporting, and Analysis>


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