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AREAS OF EXCELLENCE:    Climate Change  •  Energy  •  Environment  •  Appropriations  •  TAX


Goodstein & Associates is a firm that provides clients, facing a wide range of Washington issues, a rare combination of legal, legislative, regulatory, political, and public relations expertise. Richard Goodstein provides clients with exceptional Washington representation, effectively navigating through obstacles with a focus on tangible results.

Clients look to Richard Goodstein as the ultimate one-stop shop in Washington: developing strategies, marshalling arguments, harnessing public opinion as necessary, and delivering a powerful case to Congress and policymakers throughout Washington.



Richard Goodstein's Unique Background Translates into Success:

In The News:
Richard Goodstein has appeared hundreds of times on MSNBC, the Fox News Channel, CNN,
and many other television and radio outlets, discussing a wide variety of political and legal issues. This experience enables him to offer expert counsel to clients with public relations needs. His on-the-set experience is uncommon among advocates on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in Washington.

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AREAS OF EXCELLENCE: Climate Change • Energy • Environment • Appropriations • TAX

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