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  1. Clean energy funding: Helped secure tens of millions of dollars in directed spending by Congress in support of alternative energy sources.
  2. Foreign: Persuaded foreign government to change course on planned action that would have undercut value of major manufacturing facility.
  3. Tax: Developed and executed plan for suspending duties on imported products, savings millions for client.
  4. Environment/coalition: Faced with legislation that would have been crippling for client, organized novel coalition — free market libertarians with hard-core environmentalists — to defeat measure that had broad support from hundreds of local elected officials.
  5. Funding troop safety: Convinced Congress to approve funding for research and development into state of the art anti-blast protection for troops.
  6. Leadership/hydrogen: Through combination of legislative proposals, coalition outreach, congressional interactions, and speeches at major conferences, advanced prospects for hydrogen, a major line of business of client.
  7. Infrastructure funding/clean energy: Secured funding from Congress for initial development of hydrogen fueling infrastructure in California.
  8. Environment: Led effort behind passage by House committee of nation's most sweeping recycling legislation.
  9. Energy: Led effort to include provisions in Pipeline Safety legislation and in Energy Policy Acts of 2005 and 2007 to promote use of hydrogen.
  10. Recognition: Secured Congressional Record support for client's environmental record.

This list provides only a sampling of the ways in which Goodstein & Associates delivers for its clients.


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